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Electronic Voice Phenomenon


EVP is a way to communicate with spirits. Researchers believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded and played back on magnetic audio tape.

It has been said that Thomas Edison was working on an EVP device Shorty Before his Death. However the credit for discovering EVP goes to Fredrich Jurgenson when he was recording bird sonds in the Sweedish countryside and on play back he distinctly heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian.

EVPs are also called Raudive Voices after Konstantine Raudive. He published "The Inaudible Made Audible". Conferences are conducted world wide by engineers and electronics experts who devise special sophisticated equipment to record EVPs.

In 1982, engineer George Meek and psychic William O'Niell built a device called a Spiricom. Meek says a discarnate scientist Told him how to build it whine contacting Meek at a seance. The Spiricom enabled 2 way conversation between the living and the dead. He Gave Spiricoms to anyone who Wanted them at no cost however most people reported no success.

Below are a few EVP availible for download

I'm Sad

Did'nt do it

Get out

Barinton(Please tell somebody)


St Vincent(hello)

Monroe Elementry

Ohio State

Ghost 1

Ghost 2

Ghost 3


Voice Recordings

Maple Grove Cemertary 1

Maple Grove Cemertary 2