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Subversive Spirits

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The Merrow is a uniquely musical species of sea fairy that is belived to have been ancestor to certain human families living today on the western and southern coasts of Ireland. Its nature is one of profound attachment to mortal men, whom the merrow enchants easily. They are always seen wearing red caps covered with feathers, which somehow endows them with the ability to dive to their undersea homes.
 Their music is heard coming from the depths of the ocean,or at times notes float on the surface.
 They can be seen dancing to it on the shore or the waves.
They are charming and suductive by nature but extremely vengeful if crossed. They are said to be the daughters of kings who live beneath the waves. It is said that the MERROW metamorphosed into the harp,
the national instrument of Ireland,and became thereby an embodied musical
essence. In Moore's Irish Melodies we hear the opening lines:
              Tis belived that this harp, which I now wake for thee,
              Was a syren of old, who sang under the sea;
              And who often, at eve, through the bright waters roved
              To meet, on the green shore, a youth whom she loved.
The merrow has been sighted as early as 887  C.E when one was found cast ashore in the country of Alba (now Scotland). She was documented  as being large proportion: One hundred and ninety-five feet long, with seven foot long fingers and nose. She was whiter than a swan from head to toe.
In another early sightings, one of Ireland's ancient kings of the legendary fomorians came within reach of several merrows while sailing these parts as he heard them singing. He drew closer but unfortunately  they tore him limb from limb and scattered him to the waves. It is hard to know what provoked them. The male merrow is quite deformed and unshapely, with green hair,and a red nose and tiny eyes They normally stay underwater,where they keep the spirits of drowned fisherman and sailors in cages at the very bottom of the measureless sea. It is said that the female merrows prefer human lovers to the male merrows.


   CHANGELINGS ~Great Britian     
Changelings are fairies,often described as pale,big-headed,deformed humans babies.In actuality they are not human at all.In order for fairies to successfully steal human babies (as they often do) and take them down to the subterranean  fairyland,
 They must leave in the crib either carved wooden substitutes or elderly,feeble,washed-up fairies who pretend to be human infants.
The most vunerable are babies who hae not yet been named or bapitized,and the ones who go ungarded.As they grow older, changelings are know for playing pranks,such as stealing milk or playing music that forces people to dance against their will,and breaking valuable household objects. It is difficult to tell if one's own baby is a changeling. But in Hungry,England,and parts of africa,children born with are suspected. If it's been behaving like a changeling
breaking things,being quite naughty, or speaking in a precocious manner.
a parent can try to trick it into disclosing it's idenity.

This page is an intorduction to mankind's most ancient Spirits,Demons,faries and fallen Angels 

                       MUNUANE ~South America
The munuane is a toothless,gray-haired guardian deamon with eyes in his knees.He always travels on a simple raft. He carries a bow and only one arrow, for he never misses a target.He is very large and somewhat slow-whitted but equipped with charismatic power and can phychically lure his victims to him.The Munuane is considered by the Sikuani to be the
 "Master of Fish", and will appear wherever there are many fish in the water.

                        TOMMY-KNOCKERS~North America
The Tommy-Knockers is an American mining species that seems to have  originated in staffordshire, in England, where they were known as just plain knockers. The Tommy-Knockers stands about two feet high, the size of a small child and has a deformed head long beard, and weathered, wrinkled skin.their arms are long and reach nearly to the ground.They wear miniture minning outfits, caps and boots and carry mining gear such as pickaxes.
They are usually invisable to the human eye, so it is only by the sound of their
tapping, knocking, and working in various shafts nearby the human workers
that one knows they are present.They can be helpful or malicious, but they are always mischivious. This temperment can be hazardous in mine shafts.
The tommy-Knockers are belived to have originated as ghosts of men who died in the mine in the past. They worked like demons all night long.

The Dodo is a rapacious male species of the hausa people that hide in trees waiting to pounce on unsuspecting forest travelers. He can take any shape,but is often sighted as a snake,or an animal with a keen sense of smell,Sometimes even a giant covered with long hair. He is always ravenously hungry for human flesh. Some believe the Dodo is the spirit of a dead man who vengefully prowls the forest grabbing living mortals.

All credits go to Carol K.Mack and Dinah Mack.
A field guide to Demons.Fairies,Fallen Angels And other subversive spirits.


Satan, a fallen angel,also know as lucifer,Satan does not "possess"people as the unclean spirit" do, and is not "cast out" as these demons are throughout the gospels. he is seen more as metaphorically" entering the heart" of a person who turns evil and thus to satan, not because he is sick and possessed, but because he allows himself to be tempted. The human being, then, is an instrument of the devil and does his bidding for the kingdom of darkness.Satan is the personification of evil.At the time of his encounter with jesus in the desert,
Satan has become the devil, under whose direction all malevolent spirits work.
As chief of demons, and gods of our terrestrial world, he rules the kingdom of darkness, and subsumes all evil powers.He can influences mankind on a daily basis and can cause illness via his army of demons. By now he alone is responsible for tempting people to evil actions, for thy envy of cain and his fratricide,and for the deception of eve. He can transform himself into infinite shapes, can even appear as an angel of light and brilliance, for he is the great Deceiver..